EZ-Pilot™ Assisted Steering System

The EZ-Pilot® assisted steering system provides high-accuracy steering at an affordable price.

When you are driving your vehicle the EZ-Pilot assisted steering system turns the steering wheel for you with an electric motor drive using GPS guidance from select Trimble® displays.



Reduced Fatigue

  • With hands-free guidance, the EZ-Pilot system allows you to operate with ease and improve safety on your farm.
  • While the EZ-Pilot system keeps you on line, you can focus on many different tasks, such as sprayer or planter performance, improving job quality and crop yields.

Clear Access to Cab Controls

  • The EZ-Pilot system integrates directly into the steering column.
  • Clear access to all instrument panels with no decrease in leg room in the cab.

Optimal Performance

  • The EZ-Pilot system allows you to maximise your uptime by helping you complete field operations quickly, effieciently, and productively.

Integrates into the Entire Fleet

  • The EZ-Pilot system’s quick-responding, high-torque motor is able to effectively steer various agriculture vehicles within the fleet, no matter the make, model, or year.

Quick Disengagement

  • The electric steering motor allows for unrestricted manual steering when assisted steering is not engaged.

High Performance

  • Higher torque steering motor than competitive systems allows unit to steer vehicles with rigid power steering systems, such as floaters.
  • Fast-reacting motor allows system to quickly get the vehicle online and stay there.

Easy Installation

  • Simple cabling and IMD-600 (T3™ Enhanced Terrain Compensation) is small enough to mount anywhere in the cab.
  • Simple plug-and-play installation requires minimal tools and time to you get back to work more quickly.
  • Professional-looking installation.

Increased Control in Any Field Type

  • Advanced T3 sensors built into the EZ-Pilot system module keep your vehicle on line.
  • Sensors improve steering accuracy. in difficult terrain—helping minimise skips and overlaps between passes


Product Overview



Guidance Features

►Hands-free guidance.

►Clear access to cab control.

►High accuracy on difficult terrain.

►Easy installation and transferability.

►Ideal for high-accuracy row crop farming.

►Ideal for low-accuracy broadacre.



Display Compatibility

►EZ-Guide® 250 Display

►CFX-750™ Display

►FmX® Integrated Display

►TMX-2050 Display


Supported Vehicle Types



►Tracked vehicles


►Articulated tractors


►Self-propelled sprayers