Flow and Application Control

From flow/seed control valves and spot spray products to a full solution that performs variable rate application and automatic section control.

Trimble flow and application control systems can help you increase yields and save on input costs for seed, granular fertilizer, liquid, or anhydrous ammonia.



Field-IQ crop input control system4

Modular section control, variable rate application, and advanced seed monitoring system for all your planting, nutrient, and pest management operations.


GreenSeeker crop sensing system6

Boom-mounted plant sensor system that measures the health of a crop in real-time to instantly deliver the optimal amount of fertilizer.

GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor7

Affordable, easy-to-use handheld crop sensor used to determine the health of your crop in order to make better nutrient management decisions.

WeedSeeker automatic spot spray system5

Automatic spot spray system that allows for targeted herbicide application by detecting the presence of living plants.