The FmX® integrated display is an advanced, full‑featured guidance display for all your precision farming operations.

This versatile display allows you to adapt as your farming business grows.  Access leading-edge capabilities to enhance your productivity in any stage of the crop cycle.



Simple Installation and Ease of Use

  • With its colour touchscreen display and intuitive interface, the FmX display allows you to easily perform a wide range of advanced precision farming functions.

Precise Farming—No Matter Where You Operate

  • The FmX display is compatible with a variety of satellite constellations and accuracy levels—ideal for almost any location, crop type, field shape, or soil type.

Efficient Data Transfer Throughout The Farm

  • Wirelessly share data between vehicles or transfer information from the field to the office in real time—providing all your operators with up-to‑date, consistent maps and guidance lines.

Steering Compatibility

  • Upgrade to a Trimble steering system to complete your total guidance package and operate with ease.
  • Compatible with Autopilot™, EZ-Pilot®, or EZ-Steer® system.
  • Additionally, you can add a TrueGuide™ or TrueTracker™ system for accurate implement control.

Year-Round Farming Capabilities

  • Create a high yielding environment and save on seed and input costs with full Field-IQ™ system capabilities.
  • Apply the correct amount of fertiliser with the GreenSeeker® system.
  • Monitor and map your crop yield and moisture performance as you harvest.
  • Center your combine along rows with RG-100 row guidance.


Product Overview



Display Features

►Large 30.7 cm colour touchscreen display

►Intuitive user-interface

►On-screen guidance LEDs

►Four video camera inputs

►Two built-in GPS receivers

►GLONASS ready



Steering Compatibility 

►EZ-Steer™ Assisted Steering System

►EZ-Pilot™ Assisted Steering System

►Autopilot™ Automated Steering System

►TrueGuide™ and True Tracker™ Implement Steer



Available Correction Services

►RangePoint™ RTX Correction Service

►CenterPoint™ RTX™ Correction Service

►OmniSTAR® correction services such as HP, XP, and G2



Flow and Application Control

The Field-IQ™ crop input control system provides key precision agriculture functionality for your flow and application control, including:

►Automatic Section Control

►Seed Monitoring

►Variable Rate Application Control,

►Boom Height Control

►Nitrogen sensing with GreenSeeker® system


Yield Monitoring

Accurately view, map, and record crop yield and moisture data in real-time to instantly understand how well your crop performed.

►Variety Tracking

►Load Tracking

►Moisture Tracking

►Auto-Cut Width


Connected Farm™

Collect, share, and manage information in real time across your entire farm so you can make better farm management decisions.

►Vehicle Sync

►Office Sync

►Data Analysis & Reporting (Farm Works)