NEXTSwath End-of-Row Turn Technology

When approaching the end of a crop row, NextSwath automatically calculates and executes the best possible path to turn the farm vehicle around and approach the next crop row or swath with the implement precisely aligned to begin working.


Efficient & Consistent

  • End-of-row turning saves time and increases productivity, enabling the grower to approach the next line with a turn that is best suited for their vehicle and implement configuration.
  • Save on fuel costs, reduce crop damage and compaction at field boundaries, which can increase yield.
  • Use NextSwath technology on a broad range of vehicle brands and implement types.

Increase Your Performance

  • Dramatically improve the operator’s performance, eliminate towed implement undershooting or overshooting, and minimize skips and overlaps when lining up for the next row.
  • Well suited for field tasks that use a pull-behind implement or require multiple applications during the crop season such as nutrient spraying.
  • Make tighter end-of-row turns with pull-type implements can also reduce the headland space needed at the end of the field for turning machines.

Next Swath Compaitablity

  • NextSwath technology is available now as an un-lock on the TMX-2050 display for users of the Trimble Autopilot™ automated steering system