Sprayer/Spreader Control

Trimble’s Field-IQ™ crop input control system is a flow and application control system that prevents seed and fertiliser overlap, controls the rate of material applications, monitors seed delivery and fertiliser blockage, and controls the height of spray booms



Field-IQ For Spraying

  • Overlapping spray inputs increases fertiliser and chemical costs while risking potential harm to the environment. The Field-IQ system applies the correct amount of fertiliser and chemicals to your field while preventing spray overlap.

✓ Decreases input costs

✓ Eliminates over-spraying

  • Applying fertilisers and chemicals from the incorrect distance above the crop can increase the risk of damage to crops and the environment. The Field-IQ system automatically adjusts the height of boom sections with sensors that measure the distance between ground cover or plant canopy.

✓ Provides even application of product

✓ Reduces operator fatigue

Automatic Section Control

  • Manage seed, liquid, and anhydrous using 2.5 cm control on up to 48 individual sections
  • Overlap detection shows where you’ve been and what you’ve done
  • Eliminate seed overlap in your headlands and point rows with Tru Count Meter Mount™ air clutches
  • Eliminate fertiliser overlap with Tru Count LiquiBlock™ valves that easily connect to clutch air lines

Variable Rate Application Control

  • Simultaneously control the application rate of different materials (up to 6 with the FmX display and up to 2 with the CFX-750 display), including granular seed, granular fertiliser, liquid, and anhydrous ammonia in different combinations
  • Variable rate control of materials can be achieved with a prescription VRA map or in real time with a GreenSeeker system for more efficient fertiliser utilisation
  • Automate mapping and record keeping as inputs are applied
  • Adjust your seed population, fertiliser rates, or spray application manually or using a prescription created with Farm Works Software® solutions
  • Automatically control spinner speed of spreader application systems to evenly distribute nutrients when using the FmX display

Boom Height Control for Sprayers

  • Automatically adjust boom height with ultrasonic sensors that measure the distance between ground or crop canopy, resulting in an even application of material
  • Minimise environmental impact and ensure the health of neighbouring crops by eliminating off-target applications of products
  • Automatic height sensing reduces operator fatigue by eliminating the need for manual boom switching