Vehicle Sync

Vehicle Sync, part of Trimble’s Connected Farm™ solution, allows real-time wireless data exchange between multiple vehicles operating in the same field.

Operators no longer need a USB drive to transfer data from one vehicle to another. Data such as guidance lines, instant yield and moisture, coverage maps, and other valuable data can be shared wirelessly with all operators, as well as their real-time locations.



Key Features

  • When used with Trimble’s Field-IQ™ crop input control system, multiple operators can wirelessly communicate with one another to prevent over application of seed or other inputs.
  • Improve communication between multiple vehicles not only reduces input costs but also improves operational efficiency and accuracy.
  • Saves time by eliminating the USB drive for transferring guidance lines or other data between vehicles in the same field
  • Promotes efficient multi-step operations between vehicles who are doing different tasks in the same field by sharing coverage and locations
  • Prevents over application of seed or other inputs when more than one same task operation is being done in the field by providing overlap section switching
  • Maintains data integrity of yield records when multiple harvesters work in the same field by providing accurate area to harvested yield recording between machines
  • Simplifies communication and increases safety between vehicles by sharing location, engagement states, speed, and key production elements between all joined vehicles
  • Helps lead operators monitor the performance of joined vehicles maximising the efficiency and productivity of work groups

Shared Data

  • Guidance lines
  • Yield and moisture data
  • Coverage maps
  • Tank levels
  • Location and speed
  • Acres/hectares covered
  • Vehicle icons
  • Feature lines, points, and areas (obstacles)

Vehicle Requirements

  • Trimble® FmX® integrated display with Vehicle Sync unlock
  • Trimble® TMX-2050® display with Vehicle Sync unlock
  • Trimble DCM-300™ modem •
  • High gain Wi-Fi antenna kit

Planting with Vehicle Sync

  • Integrates with Trimble’s Field-IQ crop input control system and Tru Count clutches so that multiple operators can share coverage maps, providing improved application control for both seed and fertiliser, maximising return on investment and minimising skips.
  • View coverage, productivity data, and virtual tank levels from multiple vehicles in the same field that are performing different operations without affecting row shutoff.
  • Share guidance lines and vehicle locations with multiple operators in the same field to control traffic and minimise overlap

Nutrient & Pest Management with Vehicle Sync

  • View tank levels of joined vehicles that are applying product, allowing operators to coordinate application and re-filling operations.
  • Share as-applied coverage layers between displays for vehicles that are conducting the same event with the same material.
  • View a combined coverage map with a legend of multiple vehicles in the same field to quickly pinpoint each vehicle’s covered area.

Harvesting with Vehicle Sync

  • Share instant yield, instant moisture, and combined coverage layers for yield and moisture with different displays operating in the same field.
  • Maintain accurate field statistics by recording only area harvested by the individual harvester in a multi harvester work area.
  • View the location and share guidance lines of the harvester to assist grain cart operators with unloading of grain in a field.