Maximise the Trade Value of Your GPS Equipment


There is no better time to trade-in your GPS equipment & get the most value for money.

It comes as a much-welcomed surprise that the Trimble Trade Program has returned for 2017, having been available in Australia consecutively for the past 4 years, there was considerable doubt whether we would see this program again. That means if your looking to upgrade now is most definitely the time, the Trimble Trade Program will be closing on the 13th June 2017, we recommend you don’t miss out.


How the Trimble Trade Program Works

The Trimble Trade Program allows you to trade-in approved ‘old Trimble’ & ‘non-Trimble’ branded GPS systems, in exchange for free accuracy unlocks when purchasing a new Trimble CFX-750 or TMX-2050.

Is the Trimble Trade Program Right For Me

If you’re looking to upgrade, and want to perform high accuracy farming operations, then the Trimble Trade Program is the right fit for you. The program gives your trade-in equipment the most value for money at any given time and decreases/eliminates the expense associated with obtaining new accuracy passcodes.

What GPS Products Can I Trade

The below list outlines the GPS systems that can be traded as part of the Trimble Trade Program, having additional components such as steering systems & accuracy unlocks associated with your trade-in equipment will increase your GPS trade-in value.

  • Ag Leader: Intergra, Versa, EDGE, Insight
  • AutoFarm: A5
  • Beeline: Arro/True Guide
  • John Deere: GS 1800, GS 2600/2630, SF300
  • Leica: Mojo
  • Outback: S-Lite, Max, S3, Sts
  • Raven: Cruizer & Cruizer II, Envizio Pro & Pro II, Envizio Pro XL, Viper, Viper II, Viper Pro
  • TeeJet: Centreline 220
  • Topcon: 110, 200, X30
  • Trimble: EZ-Guide Plus, AgGPS 170, NavController II, EZ-Guide 500, Field Manager, AgGPS 252, AgGPS 332, AgGPS 432
  • Raven: Cruizer & Cruizer II, Envizio Pro & Pro II, Envizio Pro XL, Viper, Viper II, Viper Pro

If the GPS you are looking to trade is not listed, contact us and we will seek to get it approved.