CFX-750: How to Activate Trimble Rangepoint RTX (Renewal)

Follow this step by step guide to easily activate Trimble Rangepoint RTX, Centerpoint RTX subscriptions & unlocks on the Trimble CFX-750 or FM-750.

Please note: This guide outlines the procedure required for the ‘renewal’ of an CFX-750 of FM-750 previously unlocked to Rangepoint or Centerpoint RTX.

Activation Instructions

Once you have received your passcode, proceed and follow the below instructions.

  1. Tap on the ‘settings’ icon.
  2. Once in the settings screen, select ‘system’.
  3. At the bottom right of System Page select ‘Unlock/Upgrade’
  4. Select ‘Password Upgrade’ which will display a warning, select U+2192.svg
  5. Use the keypad to enter your passcode/unlock, remember to include all capital letters, numbers and dashes.
  6. Once complete select the ‘U+2192.svg
  7. If successfully entered system will re-boot and your screen is unlocked.

Common Errors

If you are unable to enter your passcode/unlock successfully please ensure the following has been actioned correctly:

  • The number ‘0’ has not been replaced with the letter ‘O’.
  • Dashes have been entered exactly as provided with passcode.
  • Letters have been entered exactly as provided (case sensitive)

If any issues persist, please contact SST or you nearest SST Reseller.