Why you should be using Trimble Vehicle Sync

There is no doubt that running the same guidance lines in two or more vehicles can be extremely costly & time consuming if done incorrectly, especially during critical operations, if you’re looking to prevent errors and maximise productivity, Vehicle Sync is your answer.

What is Vehicle Sync?

Vehicle Sync is a one-off purchase unlock that enables you to quickly and efficiently wirelessly transfer guidance lines between machines and receive real-time information of your fleets location, speed & coverage logging.

Hardware Compatibility

Vehicle Sync is compatible with either the TMX-2050 Display or FmX Integrated Display and a Trimble DCM-300 Modem.

Benefits of Vehicle Sync

Save time by sharing the same guidance lines between machinery seamlessly & accurately.

Allows operators to easily identify current application coverage, preventing over application of inputs in the same field.

Simplifying communication in harvest, sowing & spraying operations.

Why should I consider Trimble Vehicle Sync?

Transferring lines via USB from vehicle to vehicle can be risky, and leaves considerable margin for error (loading incorrect lines & fields),

Inputting the same heading co-ordinates requires each vehicle to set A/B lines within 1cm of the exact same location, which is extremely tedious & near impossible.

What Data Will I Have Access too?

In addition sharing guidance line wirelessly, you will have access to machinery coverage mapping, tank levels, yield and moisture data, point/area/line features, as well as the vehicle icons of other machines operating within a field.

Operational Advantages

As featured in the video, Vehicle Sync has boosted productivity of sowing operations by allowing both Air Seeders to share the same guidance lines seamlessly to accurately sow alternate runs in the same field, then return the following year to perform inter-row sowing.

By also utilising Vehicle Sync in conjunction with the Boomspray, Air Seeder operators to easily identify current spray coverage, preventing any sowing to take place on areas without pre-emergence spray.

Final Thoughts

Increased transparency, streamlined communication & pro-active prevention of errors is a must-have for any farming operation. Vehicle Sync is simple and effective feature unlock that that is sure to provide immediate value to any operator.

If you have any questions or want to utilise Vehicle Sync for your farming operations, contact us here at SST.


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