March 26, 2017

Positioning Services


The ‘SST RTK Network’ provides accuracy better than 2.5cm at an affordable entry level price. Utilisation of Tait Radio & Modem technology enables customers to achieve superior RTK performance in undulated country with increased signal strength & coverage distance compared to competitor networks.

  • Accuracy: 2.5cm
  • Initialisation: <1min
  • Delivery: VHF Radio or Modem

RTX Centrepoint

CenterPoint® RTX, Trimble RTX’s premier correction service, provides accuracy better than 4cm via satellite or cellular. No other satellite delivered correction service performs better

  • Accuracy: <4cm
  • Initialisation: <30min
  • Delivery: Via Satellite or Cellular

RTX Rangepoint

Affordable, broad accuracy correction service built on Trimble’s exclusive RTX technology, providing <50cm repeatable accuracy via satellite or cellular delivery worldwide. Agriculture customers can achieve 15cm pass to pass accuracy.

  • Accuracy: <50cm (Repeatable) : <15cm (Pass to pass)
  • Initialisation: <30min
  • Delivery: Via Satellite