The SST RTK Network, combined with SST Reseller Networks, is the largest privately owned & operated RTK Network in Australia covering an extensive area of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

SST leads the market in RTK technology solutions, for over 14 years the ‘SST RTK Network’ has been supplying hundreds of machines with reliable and accurate RTK signal.

Our utilisation of both Trimble VHF & Modem Technology enables customers to achieve superior RTK coverage distance & signal strength compared to competitor 900MHz networks.

No matter your precision farming requirements, SST has you covered.



Capable of transmitting RTK signal up to 40km, providing extensive coverage with increased performance in interferring terrain & undulated country. 

Support & Service
SST owned and operated with a dedicated team of technicians that constantly monitor base station activity to ensure you receive high priority support.

Affordable RTK solution that enables you to maximise the potential of your precision ag operations. Subscriptions are priced only a fraction more than that of entry level 15cm accuracy.

Sigma 2
Covered by the highest accuracy available on the market. In comparison to Sigma 1 competitor networks that only transmit 2.5cm accuracy 68.3% of the time.

Glonass Unlocked
Utilise your GLONASS enabled system to its full potential. Receive increased RTK performance with access to GLONASS constellations through the SST RTK Network.

Research & Development
Proactively committed to the expansion & development of the SST RTK Network to meet future technological advancements & customer requirements.

GLONASS is currently being rolled out at following base stations: Berrigan (unlocked), Coleambally (unlocked), Brocklesby (unlocked) , Boree Creek, Cobram (unlocked), Columbo (unlocked), Lake Rowan (unlocked), Lockhart (unlocked), Lowesdale (unlocked), Oaklands, Savernake. 

Please contact SST to register your interest for GLONASS capabilities for base stations not currently listed. 



Entry level accuracy.

1 Unit Only

  • ​Pass to Pass Accuracy - 15cm
  • Repeatible Accuracy - 50cm
  • No Joining Fee
  • Tech Support

$450 / annually

*GST not inclusive


Mid level accuracy

1 Unit Only

  • ​Pass to Pass Accuracy - 3.8cm
  • ​Repeatible Accuracy - 3.8cm
  • No Joining Fee
  • Tech Support
  • Glonass Unlocked

$1875 / annually 

*GST not inclusive


Top level accuracy.

1 Unit Only

  • ​Pass to Pass Accuracy - 2.5cm
  • Repeatible Accuracy - 2.5cm
  • No Joining Fee
  • Tech Support
  • Glonass Unlocked
  • Sigma 2

$550 / annually 

+ $220 for additional units

*GST not inclusive
*Reseller annual subscription fee may differ.