Trimble GPS Bible: Five Expert Tips You Should Know.


Do you want more money in the bank this season?

Every single day, the costs to produce a crop is increasing... Fuel, Chemical, Seed, Fertilizer, Wages, Water.

It's already hard enough to make a dollar.
Without the worry of rising input costs chomping away at your profit margins.

Yet some farmers are still leaving thousands of dollars in the paddock.
All in hope of growing their business.

But the brutal truth is...

You can have all the precision farming equipment in the world...
But it will just burn a hole in your bank account unless your backed with the right knowledge and skills.

We're specialists in precision farming and have spent over 20 years helping hundreds of farmers to reach their financial & precision farming goals.

With us your able to work knowing your business is saving time & money, with equipment that will pay you dividends for years to come.

If you're serious about making a change & want to maximise the full potential of your precision farming equipment, speak with us today.

Guidance Displays

Whether you want the latest & greatest or just need an upgrade, we’ll ensure your display suits your farming operations.

Steering Systems

No matter the colour, we can provide the perfect fit for your vehicle, to enable optimum autosteer performance.

Flow & Application

Save on input costs by enhancing your sprayer, speader or seeders productivity and efficiency.

SST RTK Network

Australia’s Largest RTK Network, supplying hundreds of machines with reliable and accurate RTK signal.

Positioning Services

We have a range of reliable & accurate signals to meet your crop, terrain and location requirements.


We can provide finance options to make purchasing your Trimble GPS equipment fast & easy.

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